To celebrate the launch of the travel collection, we collaborated with artist BANBU. We have drawn his idea of ​​rainy travel. The illustration depicts BANBU's distinctive three-eyed green character, BANBU-kun, carrying an umbrella and wearing hunter items while traveling in the rain.

The title of the work is "Secret Flower". The red flowers in full bloom under the thick clouds symbolize the love between the two people, and are sweet honey flowers for them. The motif is a red flower called Silene, which blooms from spring to summer even in the rain.


Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1996. An artist who draws three-eyed character motifs.

Since childhood, he has watched foreign animation on satellite broadcasts, which has given him a strong admiration for foreign countries, especially Europe and the United States, and he has a background in drawing that is instinctive. He moved to Tokyo after taking a job in the design department of a toy manufacturing company, which he chose on a whim. As he worked in design, he came into contact with illustration and painting. After leaving his job, he enrolled in the Art Department of Tokyo Designer Academy. He was influenced by the pop art scene through his mentor and studied abroad. After returning to Japan from a year of study in Canada and the United States, he began working as an artist in spring 2019, with Tokyo as his base of operations. He will be affiliated with Streamsgallery in Hong Kong from winter 2021.