How to care for your rubber Hunter boots

To keep your rubber footwear in good condition for a long time, wipe it down with warm water after use and air dry. We recommend using Hunter care products to keep your rubber footwear looking its best. Store all footwear in a cool, dry place away from heat, extreme cold and sunlight. Do not store folded or wrinkled. Hunter natural rubber footwear may develop a white powdery coating known as "blooming". This is a phenomenon in which the natural rubber used in boots causes insoluble particles to rise to the surface under certain conditions. This is a normal part of the nature of high quality natural rubber and is completely normal.

Please rest assured that this does not affect the functionality or durability of your boots. Products with a matte finish can be restored to their original shine by regular use of Hunter Boot Buffer or Instant Boot Shine. These kits are available from your Hunter retailer or the Hunter Online Shop. Hunter Boot Buffer is not suitable for footwear with a metallic finish.

Important Notice

Please note that the soles will become slippery with continued use. In addition, solvents, oils and animal fats will cause the rubber to expand and become slippery. Please note that Hunter Boots are made from natural rubber and may cause an allergic reaction in people with rubber allergies. Footwear or accessories with long trims are not suitable for wearing near machinery.